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 Past Events

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November 2016: ERIE presents: Navigating the Phenomenology of the Ayahuasca Experience with Luis Eduardo Luna

November 2016: ERIE presents: The Shadow Side of Psychedelic Futurism with Marcelo Schenberg

October 2016: ERIE presents: Sacred Medicine Iboga, Art, & Creativity with E. Bast & Chor Boogie

September 2016: 9/20 Celebration: Mushrooms are Medicine with the 920 Coalition

June 2016: ERIE presents: Heads Talk: Berkeley

April 2016: ERIE presents: Mushrooms and Entheogenic Transhumanism with Kilindi Iyi

December 2015, ERIE presents: 4th Annual Entheo-Health and Wellness Forum

November 2015, ERIE presents: 4th Annual Fall Entheogenic Symposium: Sustainability and Regenerative Practices

October 2015, ERIE presents: On Aurobindo, On Psychedelics: Nonduality, strange loops, and the poetics of the supramental

September 2015, ERIE presents: Mushrooms are Medicine with the 920 Coalition

June 2015, ERIE presents: Magic Mushroom Medicine with Dr. Nicholas Cozzi

April 2015, ERIE presents: 5-Meo-DMT: Sacred Toad medicine and its potentials with Dr. Gerardo Sandoval and Anny Ortiz

March 2015, ERIE presents: CIIS Scholars Forum with Jordan Grader, Marcelo Schenberg, MA, Denise Eve, Ryan Indigo Warman, PhDc, and Geoffery Schwartz

March 2015, ERIE presents: 3rd Annual Women Scholars Entheogenic Symposium with Sarah Maiden, The Republic Of Light, Magenta Imagination Healer, and Diana Slattery

February 2015, ERIE presents: Psychedelics for the enrichment of life and the empowerment of dying with Tom Pinkson

January 2015, ERIE screening: Special Directors Cut of The Little Saints documentary

January 2015, ERIE presents: Entheogens and Cosmos Part 2 with Matthew David Segall and Chad Harris

January 2015, ERIE presents: Wasson and the Psychedelic Revolution with Carl Ruck and Mark Hoffman

December 2014, ERIE presents: 3rd Annual Entheo-Health and Wellness Forum with Dr. Joe Tafur, Veronica Hernandez, and Dr. Natalie

November 2014, ERIE presents: 3rd Annual Fall Symposium: Entheogenic Experience and Integration as a Pathway to Sexual Evolution and Gender Exploration

October 2014, ERIE presents: Entheogenic Integration and Individuation Forum

September 2014, ERIE presents: Entheogens and Cosmos: Reconnecting to the heart of the universe

July 2014, ERIE co-hosts: Ayahuasca Through Native Eyes: Alien Intelligence or Loving Ally? with Leopardo Yawabane

June 2014, ERIE presents: The Varieties of Nondually-informed Communities: Cultivating a Culture of Constructive Feedback with Robert Jesse, Jae Starfox, Sassy Sasson, and Hank Obermayer

April 2014, ERIE presents: Entheogens and dreams: Pathways or Dead Ends to Shamanic and Parapsychological Studies? w/Stanley Krippner

April 2014, ERIE presents: Sacred Plants, Seeds and Traditions with Bob Otis

March 2014, ERIE co-hosts: Healing with the Kaxinawa: A psyche the size of the Amazon with Leopardo Yawabane

March 2014, ERIE presents: 2nd Annual Women’s Entheogenic Symposium

February 2014, ERIE presents: Eros and Entheogens: Sexuality, Psychology, and Shamanism

February 2014, ERIE presents: Integrating the Sacred into the Profane with Howard Whitehouse, PhD

January 2014, ERIE co-hosts: An evening with Dennis Mckenna

January 2014, ERIE presents: Cross-Cultural Entheogenic Practices with Steve Beyer, Susana Bustos, Mike Crowley, and Steven Goodman

December 2013, ERIE presents: 2nd annual Entheo-Health and Wellness Forum with Kathleen Harrison, Dr. Natalie, and Dr. Gary Pace

November 2013, ERIE presents: 2nd annual Fall Entheogenic Symposium

October 2013, ERIE presents: America’s Bad Trip: The War on Drugs with Irina Alexander and Daniel Jabbour

September 2013, ERIE presents: The Mazatec Cosmology and our Western World w/ Francoise Bourzat

May 2013, ERIE presents: Ayahuasca-Mother Earth with Eda Zavala Lopez

April 2013, ERIE presents: Kranzke Alumni Research and Insights with Scott Hill, Roger Marsden, and Larry Norris

March 2013, ERIE presents: Women’s Entheogenic Symposium

March 2013, ERIE presents: We are the Sons and Daughters of Nature. Does it belong to us? Lecture with Carmen Vicente

February 2013, ERIE presents: Nogoni’i Izzada: The Story of Peyote in the American Voice: Lecture and musical demonstration with Henry Quintero, PhD

February 2013, ERIE presents: Functions and Techniques of Integration with Howard Whitehouse

December 2012, ERIE presents: Entheo-Health and Wellness Forum

November 2012, ERIE hosts SaneTV Berkeley, California

November 2012, ERIE presents: Fall Entheogenic Symposium

October 2012, ERIE presents: Alchemy, Entheogens, and Archetypes: Optimal Living and Preparation for the Future – Lecture by Justin Panneck, PhDc and discussion with Craig Chalquist, PhD

July 2012, ERIE presents: Unlocking the Complex of Addiction with the Key of Ibogaine: Lecture by Adrian Auler, MA

April 2012, ERIE presents: Entheo-Visioning: Exploring Entheogenic Potentials Conference