Evening’s with Molly: A Grounded Theory Discovery with Adult Couples who use MDMA

  • Looking for adult couples with at least one partner over the age of 30 who have used MDMA recreationally together at least twice in the past year.


Global Ayahuasca Project:

The Global Ayahuasca Project is a multidisciplinary research project being undertaken by researchers at the University of Melbourne, Australia, State University of Campinas, and Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Brazil.

The project aims to increase understanding of the drinking of ayahuasca in different contexts around the globe. It will explore motivations and contexts of drinking, reported effects on health and well-being, and any potential risks.

A range of research tools will be used to collect information, commencing with the first Global survey of ayahuasca drinking.

If you have drunk ayahuasca please join the project – share your experiences in the first Global survey of ayahuasca drinking and help build understanding of the effects of this sacramental tea on the lives of those who consume it.

Click the button below to find out more and start the survey. The survey is available now in English with Portuguese and Spanish versions to follow.