About Us

ERIE is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the sharing of entheogenic and transpersonal knowledge in a non-hierarchical, community based format, located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We offer a platform for entheogenic research, integration and education. ERIE is not only a hub of integration information for entheogenic and transpersonal experiences, we also host peer integration circles to facilitate meaning-making and community building. We host monthly educational events including symposiums, forums, and conferences on varied topics surrounding entheogenic research and activism.

We are dedicated to supporting cognitive liberty by offering a learning environment to support grassroots education and outreach on the topics of integration and entheogenic potentials.


The Entheogenic Research, Integration, and Education (ERIE) mission:

1) Review and conduct research on the use of traditional plant medicines, and their modern analogs, for creativity, healing, personal growth, and spiritual exploration

2) Develop integration methods that combine new research with existing, tested practices to help people incorporate extraordinary experiences into their lives

3) Articulate a new educational paradigm that honors and draws upon the vast Indigenous knowledge of plant and fungi kingdoms, then envisions new applications of it within contemporary Western contexts

4) Create a forum for the responsible discussion of these topics.

Our Vision

What We See:

ERIE envisions an integral worldview that is suited to a meaningful and mysterious cosmos. We believe that this perspective is necessary to achieve a healthy, sustainable future for our species and for the biosphere. The integral view entails remembering our once-respectful relationship with nature and the lessons that she has to offer us and incorporating it with the best of modern discoveries.

Why We Exist:

Over 30 million people in the United States have taken a psychedelic (Krebs & Johansen, 2013) As an educational organization, our goal is to inform and assist those who choose to explore entheogens about the potent effects of these powerful psychic amplifiers. This includes integration, an educational process of discovery of the self, the community, and the environment.

Our Approach:

Entheogens have been used since prehistory by Indigenous peoples, through their respectful, intimate relations with Nature. We strive to coordinate ancient Indigenous wisdom with contemporary research to produce a composite picture that is meaningful and relevant to the lives of contemporary Westerners.